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Petmeg Exports Involved in international trade of Diversified Product Range complete Stainless steel Petware, Houseware, Kitchenware, Barware, Hotelware, Tableware, Flatware and Giftware. An enterprising spirit and the ability to discern future trends have been the driving force behind the company���s remarkable growth story. The company has scaled new heights with the combined force of innovation, adaptation of new technology and the collective skills of its 150 strong, committed workforce.

Also, we have experienced engineers who maintain the quality of pre existing product and make innovations for new ones from time to time. Key ideas of Petmeg Exports are as follows:
The focus in manufacturing is, Stainless Steel & related products, Petmeg Exports plants/divisions are equipped with the state of art technology, equipments and excellent infrastructure like water, power, highly equipped machineries and tools.

It has its Dedication towards Customer Service has ensured the group Consolidation in the worst times & Growth in the Booming Business Cycles. Petmeg Exports endeavours to strengthen India’s industrial base by aiding infrastructural development, through sustainable development approaches and inclusive growth. The company deploys its resources to improve infrastructure, education, health, water, sanitation, environment etc. in the areas it operates in.
Petmeg Customer Satisfaction Approach follows 5 principles


Production Process of Petmeg goes through various stages of Made-To-Deliver System:
Stage 1. Firstly, raw materials in the form of sheets are used for circle cutting in all the required sizes.
Stage 2. We use Double Action Pressing Machine to press the circle in various Shapes.
Stage 3. Thirdly, we use cutter, Tooling, Bidding to transform raw materials into semi-Finished Product.
Stage 4. Now Buffing and Polishing of the above products takes place to get into the Final Products.
Stage 5. Fifthly, Inspection and Re-inspection of finished goods takes place before reaching the packaging stage.
Stage 6. This is the stage of Packaging where hygiene, cleanliness is given utmost Importance.
Stage 7. Here, product is at its last reach of Marking and Labelling
Stage 8. Stage of Delivery; it is the distribution stage where product is ready to Dispatch to the customers.
Packaging Stage, Marking and labelling of Products, Stage of Distribution

A well established diversified foundation is the vital edge of the company���. Petmeg Exports has its roots developed into stainless steel industry with its strong base in Stainless Steel Petware, Houseware, Kitchenware, Barware, Hotelware, Tableware, Flatware and Giftware. It is one of the leading multi-disciplinary design, customized, consultancy and Contracting organization in the field of Stainless steel.
The company ventured into overseas exports with its high quality range in its products. It has its in-house production which will be served on both domestic and abroad scale. Characterized by consistently high standards, it will serve all across the globe Manufacturing Facilities. It is our well equipped infrastructure backed by a team of competent professionals and an entire spectrum of modern and sophisticated machinery, we have been able to produce stainless steel products of international repute. Every stage in the manufacturing process involving:

Production Volume

We have production capacity of 400 metric tones per month. We have a fully equipped R&D sector with tooling room manned by experienced engineers, skilled work force, designers and steel fabricators, who specialize in incorporating innovative ideas and blending them with creative products. Our team is well versed with the manufacturing process and undertakes the work with complete dedication and commitment.

Plant/ Machinery Infrastructure

We have various machineries which perform different functions and processes. We are equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructural facility which helps us to meet the industry requirements. Our factory also has testing facilities to check the final products so that they are free of any defects and adhere to international standards and specifications. We are proud owners of the following machines used in various stages of manufacturing process.
Machines Uses at Workplace to function our manufacturing process:


Custom and Material Packaging with creative labelling act as protective mechanism for goods…. The way we package and label your product is important for us as packaging protects the products from physical, chemical and microbiological invasion. Our ultimate goal is to produce a label that is educational and user-friendly.
Perfect Packaging involves various functions such as:

Storing & Labeling:

Petmeg Exports has large sized storing facility to store their range of stainless steel Products. We maintain a controlled temperature in our to prevent the products from corroding or rusting, cracking or other adversaries due to moisture and improper handling. We provide effective labels which are used for identification, inventory control and regulatory compliance. Our Special use packaging labels include serial number plates, instruction labels, shipping labels, fleet wraps and barcode labels. We evaluate packaging labels services on the basis of product capabilities, specialties if any, quality requirements and the like.

Material Used in our Packaging:

Paper, plastic, metal, rubber and foam are some of the common materials used for the manufacture of packaging labels.


Quality is the stepping stone of our company and we make sure that it is maintained at each level ���. We know that Quality is the ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating, and fulfilling stated and implied needs of our customers. We implement the best production machines and follow strict quality control procedures to produce the world-class stainless steel kitchen products. Each and every product, starting from the designing to making to finishing and ultimately packing undergoes several quality checks before they are finally delivered to the customers.
Our Quality Parameters: We define the Quality in two terms i. e. :

Quality checks:

R&D department of our company, headed by qualified and experienced professionals, provides us with smart and valuable solutions for enhancing our business operations. Quality check is done to:

Stringent Quality Management is undertaken with respect to both National and International Standards. Quality check is undertaken from the very initial stage of the process i. Web resources the united nations browse around this portal relief and work agency provides information on refugee education programs. e.

The QC staffs of our company are regularly trained to ensure adeptness, efficiency, and competency. Our team regularly studies the market behaviour which helps us in producing and exporting all Petmeg Products that are in sync with the changing market demands.
Our “Quality” represents the properties of our products and/or services that we provide to the consumers.


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